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My Objectives

Gerard Rennick

Senator for Queensland

Gerard was born and raised on a family farming property just outside Chinchilla, on Queensland’s Darling Downs. Thanks to his upbringing and childhood experiences, Gerard maintains a deep appreciation for the land, its people and the challenges they face.

Gerard completed his secondary education in Toowoomba, before moving to Brisbane where he completed a Commerce degree at the University of Queensland – and later a Master’s degree in Taxation Law.

Gerard has extensive experience in senior finance roles across a range of industries, business types and countries. His experience gives him a strong understanding of our economy and how it affects consumers, investors, employers and employees. Gerard also understands the importance of reward for effort and will always strive to ensure that Australia’s small to medium-sized businesses are given every opportunity to succeed.

Gerard’s background means that he understands sound business principles; and as an LNP Senator for Queensland, he recognises the value of strong economic management, property rights and a just legal system, while he is also passionate about land management and ensuring the delivery of critical infrastructure. Gerard wants to ensure that the next generation of Australians have better opportunities, security and living standards than even we have enjoyed.


Good Government, is the best form of community service, and those who have gained it, should give it back in return.


My Objectives

The way forward

Economic Management

Provide strong economic management to ensure full employment.

The Australian Way

Uphold the Australian way of life & traditions that made this country great.

Fair & Efficient Markets

Ensure Australian businesses have access to fair & efficient markets.

World Class Services

Deliver  infrastructure & security to our families and communities.

Standard of Living

Provide a high standard of living for future generations.

Cost of Living

Tackle the cost of living, including reduced taxes.

recent posts

Kevin Rudd continues to waste taxpayer dollars in trying to blame the media for his own downfall, despite the fact he was more than happy to use them to promote his own interests when it suited him.

#auspol #mediadiversity #ausenate #MurdochRoyalCommission #qld #qldpol

Finally moved office. My staff came across dirt files on LNP politicians kept by the former LaborSenator when clearing out the old office. Labor should focus on policy to help Australians rather than digging up dirt. They are only interested in power for the sake of it. #auspol

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